The Blue Mosque, Large Size O-11 – Alia Hijabs
The Blue Mosque, Large Size O-11

The Blue Mosque, Large Size O-11

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the Blue Mosque is a historic mosque located in IstanbulTurkey.
The mosque is known as the Blue Mosque because of blue tiles surrounding the walls of interior design. Mosque was built between 1609 and 1616 years, during the rule of Ahmed I.
This goblin represents the Middle Eastern traditional artwork. It is designed with shinny multi-colors rhinestones to show the brilliance & beauty of the painting.
***Tassel is not included.

الجامع الأزرق في تركيا

 لوحة غوبلان تمثل الفن المعماري التراثي الشرقيو المسجد الأزرق في تركيا , اللوحة مشكوكة بأحجار السيلان اللامعة لتزيد من جمالها وسحرها
***الزينة الخارجية غير متضمنة


39.5" x 29 " = 100 x 74 cm

All measurements are approximate