Aslamulakom Wa Rahmatul Allahi Wa Barkatuh!

     Thank you so much for looking into a career with us. As we expand our company our needs for talented good honest people increases and so does the variety of work. 

     Inshallah as we grow bigger we will be looking for quality accountants, assistants, boxers/packagers and marketers. People who are fluent in Arabic and Urdu is very valuable to us. 

     We are a Muslim company that follows an Islamic work style. We break for each Salah, we don't work on Jumm'ah Prayer times and we take off for Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. When it comes to how we treat each other we value honesty in our words and integrity in our work. it goes without saying teamwork means a lot, but the team is as only as good as it individuals and quality individuals are who we hire!

To email us your resume please contact us at 

-Jizakom Allahu Ilf Khair!