Stylish Cotton Pashmina Shawl – Alia Hijabs
Stylish Cotton Pashmina Shawl

Stylish Cotton Pashmina Shawl

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You will be inspired by this season with our new amazing collections of versatile printed cotton shawls.

This gorgeous shawl is made of 100% Cotton fabric. Its medium thickness would be perfectly suitable for this season & upcoming months as well. 

This printed cotton shawl is great to wear for everyday use, however; you can pair it with your favorite outfit. 

It is elegant and very comfy to wear.

Handwash is preferable with warm water & dry low.

Ironing needed.

Headpiece is sold separately

شال قطن انيق جدا لجميع المناسبات العامة , متوسط السماكة بنعومته وسهل بارتدائه
التنظيف يدوياً  بماء فاتر والتجفيف على الخفيف
يحتاج الى الكوي بعد التنظيف
الراسية تحت الشال تباع لوحدها


Length: 72" = 180 cm

Width: 26" = 67 cm

All measurements are approximate