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Alia Hijabs

The Old Traditional Courtyard Syrian Home, Long Size O-08

The Old Traditional Courtyard Syrian Home, Long Size O-08

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Centuries-old, many historic houses in Syria are still occupied to this day! One of the most prominent features of such houses is the central open courtyard, with a water fountain, seating for the family and guests, and usually an alcove where residents can entertain guests and cool off in the summer.

This portrait represents The Middle eastern traditional artwork. It is designed with shinny multi-colors rhinestones to show the brilliance & beauty of the painting.

باحة بيت عربي
 يمثل الفن المعماري القديم في سوريا القديمة 

 لوحة غوبلان تمثل الفن المعماري التراثي الشرقي , اللوحة مشكوكة بأحجار السيلان اللامعة لتزيد من جمالها وسحرها


26" x 39.5 " = 66 x 100 cm

All measurements are approximate


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